Monday, March 12, 2012

The American Surveyor Vol 9 No 1

Editorial: The 3D Train
The winds of change continue to blow, and blow they did in Denver. At the January 2012 International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) we proudly launched our latest venture, LiDAR Magazine, the only contemporary geo-publication dedicated solely to LiDAR technology. ILMF, now in its 12th year, attracted more ....Read the Article


BIM Gets a Boost
The 1.2 million-square-foot Music City Center in Nashville will have plenty of design features and spaces for visitors to talk about when it is scheduled to open in February 2013: The multifunction exhibit hall covers 350,000 square feet, or about eight acres; the grand ballroom contains 57,500 square feet and the junior ballroom ....Read the Article
Knowledge is Not Enough—Interview With Ken Mooyman
Forget about the bears. Beware of the mating geese. These were the solemn words Ken Mooyman, President of Leica Geosystems NAFTA, heard 30 years ago the first time he was dropped off by a helicopter in the wilds of Northern Quebec for a three-day stretch. Armed with only a tent, sleeping bag, canteens, books, ....Read the Article
Frames for the Future: New Datum Definitions for Modernization of the U.S. NSRS (1 of 4)
In 2008, the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) released its 10-Year Plan (NGS, 2008). In that plan, NGS describes the replacement of the two national datums currently in use. These are the horizontal datum (the North American Datum of 1983, or NAD 83) and the vertical datum (the North American Vertical Datum of 1988, or NAVD 88). Note that NAD 83 (1986) was originally a ....Read the Article
RTN-­101 (Part 16): A Decade of RTN
Has it really been ten years? Did RTNs really catch on? Does this RTN thing really work? In answer to all three questions, yes! Network corrected real-time high precision GNSS for surveying (and a great many other uses) has endured for its first full decade. Did RTNs revolutionize surveying and real-time GNSS? Perhaps ... Read the Article
Footsteps: United States v. Milner
The 2009 case of United States v. Milner demonstrates important common law principles related to tidal boundaries. It also offers interesting insights into the law and the balance courts try to strike in deciding the law. The struggle for balance as it relates to private property rights and the rights of society as a whole are clearly demonstrated in this case. Several events led to ...Read the Article
Vantage Point: Operating Wirelessly
Carl Nelson is a lot like many of us, hooked to his electronics and living efficiently by multi-tasking. Unfortunately for him, he got caught at it. On December 28, 2009, Mr. Nelson was ticketed by a police officer in Richmond, California for infraction of state law that prohibits use of a wireless telephone while driving a motor vehicle, unless the phone is configured for ...Read the Article
Canoes and Saying No: I have just read the latest issue of The American Surveyor magazine and have the following comments. 1) Denny and Delores DeMeyer's article "Voyage of the Koo Koo Sint & Paddle Song" is incorrect in the statement that David Thompson was the first person to survey and map the Columbia River in 1811. It seems to me that Lewis & Clark surveyed ....Read the Article