Monday, April 12, 2010

The American Surveyor Vol 7 No 3 Articles Posted

Editorial: SPAR 2010
Under the banner of Innovate, Connect & Learn, the seventh annual SPAR laser scanning conference was held in Houston in February. In comparison to attendance in 2009, which had decreased slightly from the previous year to 630, attendance this year roared back to nearly 800. Of these ....Read the Article
SMART Surveying
Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is an overwhelmingly popular rail initiative in Northern California. Measure Q had an amazing 70% support of the two county (Sonoma-Marin) SMART District. One reason for voter enthusiasm is that SMART promises to be relatively ....Read the Article
Ashtech Comes Full Circle: An interview with Fran├žois Erceau
They're back! While the name Ashtech may sound new to younger folks in the precise community, its corporate predecessors, Ashtech, Thales and Magellan have ... Read the Article
Whose Footsteps Are They? The Journey to the Center Quarter Corner
The center quarter corners of the Public Land Survey System are the topic of many heated discussions between surveyors. Some say the center quarter can exist only at the intersection of ...Read the Article
The Birthplace of VRS
Today, Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) networks are becoming commonplace. There is at least a small RTK network (or multiple RTK networks) in every state of the U.S., some with full statewide coverage. Internationally, many countries boast nationwide networks. All have been developed within a whirlwind decade since the introduction of the ....Read the Article
Infected with Surveying: A ProFile of Dick Elgin
Dick Elgin comes by his surveying "roots" honestly. Raised in his late parents' "Mom and Pop" surveying business, as with so many of us, surveying got into his blood early in life and has yet to leave. This rare combination of surveying practitioner, researcher, educator, author and ....Read the Article
Vantage Point: Ripple Effects Above and Below
The most popular saying around one office I worked in was, "You can have anything you want, but you have to pay the price." Both clients and employees heard it frequently. But it applies to life on a broader scale as well, affecting many aspects of the world we live in. One of ...Read the Comments
Network News
Earl Dudley, Inc. saw the benefits of a reference station network early on. Now, nearly a decade after their first station, they are seeing a lot of new converts to the technology. Equipment suppliers in a broad range of fields can often go years without a change in their product offering. Not ...Read the Article