Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February Articles Posted

Editorial: Competence and the State of Education
Last year in my July/Aug editorial I included some text written by Dick Elgin about the state of education for young surveyors. Canadian surveyor and educator Barry Kavanagh responded with a letter to the editor and promised to follow up with an article. You'll find his article in this issue ....Read the Article

Point to Point: The HSA Advantage
There are few surveyors who are excited by the prospect of discussing insurance of any form, and health insurance in particular. I count myself among that group. Nevertheless, something has happened in the last few years of which you should be aware, but....Read the Article

A Private VRS Network Takes the Strain Out of Phoenix Surveying
"I used to figure one person in the office to keep up with one survey crew. But now it takes me, a receptionist and two draftsmen to keep up with one crew. If I added another ... "Read the Article

Laser Scanning: DARPA Urban Challenge
The final round of the DARPA Urban Challenge took place on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at the former George Air Force Base in Victorville, California, now used by the military to train for urban operations. On the high desert northeast of Los Angeles, 11 cars bristling with...Read the Article

Worried About The Future of Surveying? Not a problem in Florida!
In my July/August 2007 editorial I wrote about a challenge that continually lies before us: attracting young people into surveying. Shortly after the magazine came out, I received a call from Marilyn Evers, the executive director of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society (FSMS). She ....Read the Article

Education in Crisis—The Elephant That No One Sees
With all due respect to Dr. Richard Elgin, who wrote the original piece ["The Demise of Basic Surveying Mathematics," May 2007], and editor Marc Cheves who commented on the same problem in his July/August 2007 editorial, I think their take on...Read the Article

Distance Learning: Something For Everybody
In surveying circles, it seems that when someone mentions continuing education (CE), somehow the word "mandatory" gets attached to it. Unfortunately, many surveyors tend to view mandatory continuing education as some sort of taboo. In some states CE is a ...Read the Article

Survey Reports: Preparing a Survey Report--The Focus - Part 1
Some states require survey reports. All surveyors should consider preparing survey reports at the culmination of a retracement survey. Unfortunately, the preparation of a survey report is not covered in most academic programs and is seldom adequately explained in ...Read the Article

Campus GIS Will Improve Public Safety at LSU
It's 0-dark 30. You need to find the underground gas valve that controls service to a burning building and the two closest fire hydrants ­right now. On some college campuses that would mean getting the facilities manager out of...Read the Article

Test Yourself #22
On an X, Y, Z orthogonal coordinate system, suppose an Archilochus colubris leaves coordinates 20, 5, 0 (X:Y:Z) moving in the plus Z direction at a speed of 4.628 feet per minute for 2.111 minutes. Then the Archilochus colubris changes...Read the Article

Vantage Point: Walking the Line
In the fall of my junior year of high school, unionized teachers in my school district went on strike to gain better health care benefits and an increase in the pay scale for those with advanced degrees and experience. Perhaps a hundred students at my high school sat out on...Read the Article