Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surveyors need to be registered

Surveyors need to be registered
Sunday Vision, Uganda

The way the surveying profession is being run in this country leaves a lot to be desired. Various qualified land surveyors, quantity surveyors and valuation surveyors are being deliberately denied registration by the Surveyors Registration Board.

They have made applications for registration many times which the board keeps rejecting, giving lame excuses.

The situation is quite alarming as, according to the list published last year, there are only 83 registered surveyors in Uganda. It is interesting to note that of over 200 students have graduated in Land Surveying from Makerere University since 1994 but only 10 have been registered. One wonders how the 10 were considered and the 190 rejected.

Most members of the board have there own private surveying firms. The fear of competition from the young surveyors has, therefore, resulted in them being blocked by denying them registration.

We appeal to the respective authorities to intervene to save the terrible situation in the matter of registration of surveyors in this country.

Concerned Surveyor