Tuesday, October 27, 2009

August articles posted

Editorial: ESRI UC and Survey Summit
Jack Dangermond, who founded ESRI in 1969, has long envisioned products that allow us to view and interpret graphical data, and in doing so, deepen our understanding of how we interact with planet Earth. In the ESRI User Conferences that I've attended for the past 10 years, there ....
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One Company Two Brands: The Future of Topcon & Sokkia
These days it's easy to become discouraged about the state of the land development industry and the effect on surveying. In speaking with surveyors across the country, it seems that transportation stimulus money is going mainly to ....
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A New Defense Application for Satellite Technology
It would not be accurate to state that the world changed on September 11, 2001--terrorist attacks on civilians had taken place in troubled areas of the world for many years prior. At the time, the attacks weren't even the first to occur in the United States in many years. But the ...
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Longstreet 8-9
Laser Scanning Brings New Asset to Accident Investigations-and Surveyors
Laser Scanning Brings New Asset to Accident Laser Scanning technology is revolutionizing many aspects of surveying and applied measurement, but it's been especially game changing in the rarified niches of ...
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Parks 8-9
Measuring Granite Peak
It's official now, or is it just more official? The tallest mountain in Montana-Granite Peak-is 12,807.09 feet high, give or take a half a foot, according to a Billings crew's Global Positioning System survey on Aug. 16, 2008. The peak's exact location is latitude 45 degrees, 9 minutes, 48.34170 ....
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Stenmark 8-9
Portable Expert: Keeping The Crews Moving
Matt Bryant knows networks. He worked for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Information Systems Division (ISD) for five years, providing training and support on GPS, surveying and CAD software to ....
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A Fresno State Surveying Student Exercises Leadership
That the finest American presidents to date, Washington and Lincoln, started out as land surveyors is a well-known fact of history, and that we surveyors would still be better leaders of the free world than lawyers or oil men, or engineers, is merely a simple factual ...
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Vantage Point: Why Do the Research?
A number of years ago I was giving a seminar on how to do legal research when a gentleman in the audience suddenly interrupted with loud disdain. "Why should surveyors know how to do this, anyway? I can just hire a paralegal to do it for me." At first taken aback since ...
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